The ODS Story

Overton Dramatic Society owes its origins to founder members Stella Holbrook and Janet Eves. Casual discussions about a drama group quickly led to an initial meeting of like-minded enthusiasts, chaired by drama teacher John Baxter.  Staging of the first plays, "The Monkey's Paw" and "Fumed Oak", followed in the spring of 1980, and ODS was born. 


Clive and Meg Green joined the society soon after those first spring shows, and with Clive's professional acting and directing experience, the play "The Happiest Days of your Life" was performed in the autumn, using lighting kit borrowed from the local WI, and scenery and set cobbled together from sheds and attics. 


Membership grew with each performance until it was  large enough to be able to perform the very first  pantomime, "Cinderella", in 1982.

Between the spring of 1980 and today, the Society has performed over 65 different shows, and as well as running two very successful shows each year, the society packs in a busy social calendar centred in the village, and offers equipment hire and advice to other societies and groups. 



Year   Season Show
2022   Spring Title of Show
2021   Winter Adrian the Panto
2021   Spring Bad Auditions on Camera ("Zoom" online show)
2019   Winter Flint Street Nativity
2019   Spring Ben Elton's Silly Cow
2018   Winter Alice In Wonderland
2018   Summer Monty Python's Spamalot
2017   Autumn/Winter Jack and the Beanstalk
2017   Spring/Summer Guys and Dolls
2016   Autumn/Winter Treasure Island
2016   Spring/Summer The Importance of Being Earnest
2015   Autumn/Winter The Snow Queen
2015   Spring/Summer Avenue Q
2014   Autumn/Winter The Three Musketeers
2014   Spring/Summer Godspell
2013   Autumn/Winter Pinocchio (the Panto)
2013   Spring/Summer A Flea In Her Ear
2012   Autumn/Winter Camelot - the Panto
2012   Spring/Summer Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
2011   Autumn/Winter Panto at the OK Corral
2011   Spring/Summer Joe Masteroff's "Cabaret"
2010   Autumn/Winter Once Upon A Time
2010   Spring/Summer Farndale Murder Mystery
2009   Autumn/Winter Cinderella
2009   Spring/Summer The Full Monty
2008   Autumn/Winter Cinderella Interstellar
2008   Spring/Summer The Beggar's Opera
2007   Autumn/Winter Babes in the Wood
2007   Spring/Summer Day of Reckoning
2006   Autumn/Winter I Didn't Do It 'onest!
2006   Spring/Summer Return to the Forbidden Planet
2005   Autumn/Winter Beauty & The Beast
2005   Spring/Summer Love Begins at 50
2004   Autumn/Winter Treasure Island
2004   Spring/Summer A Right Victorian Knees-Up
2003   Autumn/Winter Scrooge
2003   Spring/Summer Starlight Memoirs
2002   Autumn/Winter Old King Cole... In Space!
2002   Spring/Summer Home Is Where Your Clothes Are!
2001   Autumn/Winter Arabian Nights
2001   Spring/Summer Farndale Christmas Carol
2000   Autumn/Winter Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs
2000   Spring/Summer All the Best!
1999   Autumn/Winter Star Trail
1999   Spring/Summer Little Shop of Horrors
1998   Autumn/Winter Jack & The Beanstalk
1998   Spring/Summer Raising the Roof
1997   Autumn/Winter Adventures of Mr Toad
1997   Spring/Summer 20th Century Review
1996   Autumn/Winter Aladdin
1996   Spring/Summer Brush with a Body
1995   Autumn/Winter Tom the Piper's Son
1995   Spring/Summer Off the Hook
1994   Autumn/Winter Alice In Wonderland
1994   Spring/Summer Good Old Days
1993   Autumn/Winter Dick Whittington
1993   Spring/Summer Farndale Castle
1992   Autumn/Winter Hickory Dickory Dock
1992   Spring/Summer Opening Soon
1991   Autumn/Winter Wizard Of Oz
1991   Spring/Summer No Time for Fig Leaves
1990   Autumn/Winter Cinderella
1990   Spring/Summer International Cabaret
1989   Autumn/Winter Scrooge
1989   Spring/Summer Clerical Errors
1988   Autumn/Winter Mother Goose
1988   Spring Farndale Macbeth (May)
1988   Summer Old Time Music Hall (August)
1987   Autumn/Winter Star Trail
1987   Spring/Summer Showtime
1986   Autumn/Winter Sleeping Beauty
1986   Spring/Summer The Right Spirit/Fishy Business
1985   Autumn/Winter Captain Coley's Fishy Tales
1985   Spring/Summer Variety Show
1984   Autumn/Winter Jack & The Beanstalk
1984   Spring/Summer Man Alive
1983   Autumn/Winter Aladdin
1983   Spring/Summer Two & Two Makes Sex
1982   Autumn/Winter Cinderella
1982   Spring/Summer Midsummer Mink
1981   Autumn/Winter Murder at the Vicarage
1981   Spring/Summer Continental Quilt
1980   Autumn/Winter Happiest Days of Your Life
1980   Spring/Summer The Monkey's Paw/Fumed Oak
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